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Migrating plugins to async

As of v0.30.0 Slack Machine dropped support for the old backend based on the RTM API. As such, Slack Machine is now fully based on AsyncIO. This means plugins written before the rewrite to asyncio aren't supported anymore. This is a migration guide to get your old plugins working with the new version of Slack Machine.

Await all Slack Machine plugin functions

Any function from MachineBasePlugin and Message needs to be awaited now. This is as easy as prefixing your the function calls with the await keyword:

await self.say("#general", "Hello there baby!")

All of your plugin functions need to be async

Because you're awaiting methods from the Slack Machine plugin classes now, the functions you define in your own plugins, need to be async. This is as easy as prefixing your function definitions with the async keyword:

class MyPlugin(MachineBasePlugin):
    async def hello(self, msg):